Friday, February 10, 2012


I decided to start my very own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!  I am soooo excited! I LOVE all of the AWESOME skin care products that Mary Kay has and such GREAT makeup!!  I have only been selling Mary Kay products for a few weeks now and all I have to say is "I am having a BLAST"!  Since I started my own Mary Kay business I started using the products.  They are AWESOME!  I have noticed such a huge change in my skin!  I go to all of the weekly meetings and let me tell you it is so WONDERFUL to be around such CONFIDENT & GREATwomen!  I have noticed that my confidence has risen!  I got my hair cut, wear makeup, dress alot better, and I take better care of my skin.  The thing that made me decide to start my own business with Mary Kay is that they follow "GOD first, FAMILY second, and CAREER third!  WOW!  When I put my life in this order everything seems to work much better for me!

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