Monday, November 28, 2011


1. Cook at home rather than eating out
2. Take snacks with us to avoid a costly stop at a convenience store
3. Change our own oil
4. Keep heat 68 degrees or below
5. Make our own laundry detergent (lasts for 3 months)
6. Hang clothes on line weather permitting
7. Wash clothes with cold water
8. Pack our lunch
9. Only use our ATM
10. Round up in check book (leaves a little extra)
11. Avoid using a credit card unless there is an emergency then pay in full
12. Pay a little more than minimum toward our mortgage each month
13. My husband does repairs on our house
14. If the service engine light comes on in my car, take it to Auto Zone and get the trouble code read for  free before taking it to a mechanic
15. Shop clearance racks
16. Shop yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions
17. Hand down clothes from oldest to youngest child
18. Cut our hair at home
19. Raise our own garden
20. Can our own food
21. Buy used vehicles and keep for 10 yrs
22. Sell items no longer needed on FB online yard sale or craigslist
23. When purchasing appliances look at clearance items that were a store model.  Always ask for a store manager to get an even better discount.
24. Pay bills online
25. Freeze leftovers

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