Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I has so much FUN volunteering in my youngest daughters class today (I usually volunteer 1 hour every Monday morning).  I sat down with 7 students and together we read 4 stories.  I had each child take turns reading one page each as we went around the circle.  You know kids LOVE to read and they LOVE IT EVEN MORE to read with an adult!  You can see the PRIDE on their face when an adult makes time to listen to them read!  I was with them for 1 hour then I had to leave :(  But, I will see them on Monday!

Next, I went to the library where the Santa Workshop was held.  I had a great time wrapping gifts and helping the younger ones pick out gifts for their families.  It is so CUTE to see what the younger ones pick out for their families!  I helped my daughter pick out her gifts too!  She is always beaming when she sees her MOMMY in her school!  It makes her feel extra special.

I LOVE to volunteer!  I hope this encourages others to do the same.  Even if you do not have children you can still volunteer.  We have some Grandmother's that volunteer at our school.  Adults really need to spend some time helping the students.

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