Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make things myself instead of buying them.  The reason is to save money and to put less chemicals in my body.  Most lotion have ingredients like these in them.......


A lotion bar is hard as soap and it does not go bad.  The added bonus is it does not contain the items listed above and it is EASY to make yourself!

All you need is.......

1 part vegetable shortening
1 part vegetable oil
1 part beeswax

That's all you need!  I already have these items at home.  To get started I placed a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water.  I put the vegetable shortening and beeswax in the glass bowl to melt.
While I waited on it to melt I got a glass pan and lined it with wax paper.

I stirred the wax and shortening until it all melted.

Once everything was melted I removed the bowl from the heat and stirred in the vegetable oil and vanilla oil.  I purchased the vanilla sented oil at Dollar General for $1.  I only had to add a few drops.  Then I poured everything into the wax lined glass pan.

I let it set until it completely cooled.  I kept empty jars from lotion I used to purchase at the store.  I pressed the jar into the lotion bar to get the exact shape and size of the jar.

I used 1 cup per ingredient.  I was able to fill 2 jars like this one.  You could pour the mixture into molds or just cut out square shapes.  Once you start rubbing the lotion bar your body heat will heat the lotion bar up.  My girls have very sensitive skin and this works GREAT on them.  We LOVE it!


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