Saturday, December 17, 2011


Kylee had her Christmas program at school on Friday.  I took a picture of her the morning before she went to school.  It was dark in the gym and so many parents I could not get a clear picture of her.  I did video her program.  Her 1st grade class did a GREAT job!  She was aloud to leave when the program was over.  We left at 11am.  She was HAPPY to get out of school early and have time with "mommy" while her older sister was still in school.  We went to Dairy Queen and had lunch together.

That evening we took her to see Santa!  We had hot chocolate and cookies.  Santa arrived riding the back of a firetruck!  Lights flashing and the siren on while traffic was stopped for such an important person!  Here is a picture of her when she first saw Santa.

Kylee was so excited and I guess the sugar in the hot chocolate did not help.  What a face!

Kylee and her daddy.

 Kylee with me.
We had a fun evening!  Bethany had 2 of her friends come home from school with her on Friday.  I fixed their hair and they got all dressed up for their semi-formal dance.  I still can't believe I have a child old enough to go to a dance!
 Bethany is on the left in the blue/black dress.

Today we went to the crowded mall to shop and the girls got to see the "real" Santa!
 Bethany telling Santa what she wants for Christmas!  She is getting so big Santa had her sit beside him!
Kylee with Santa....She said she told Santa that she wants a 4 wheeler and a truck for her daddy!

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