Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The girls put out cookies, fudge, and milk for Santa.  They put carrots out for the reindeer.  Bethany is being a good sport for her younger sister.

Christmas morning I was able to take a few pictures but my camera battery died.  There was not any stores open so I could buy one.  I don't know what is wrong with me I am usually better prepared!!

 Kylee looking in her stocking.
 Bethany being silly while she looks in her stocking!!
 Mason checking out his stocking too!  He got 3 packs of treats and a new coat.
 Bethany with her new TV.
 Kylee with her new TV.
 The girls got a bunch of clothes.  I did not take pics of them all since my camera battery was dying.

 Santa brought Bethany an IPOD cover for her new IPOD she bought with the money she received as a gift.

 Santa brought Kylee a Dr. drill-n-fill.  She loves it!

 Bethany and Kylee playing dentist.

 Later in the day we went up to my husbands sisters house for dinner and more presents!  We had a GREAT time.  When we returned home later in the evening my mother and her husband came to our house.
 More money!
Kylee put a bow on her Grandma Rosie and told her she is her present this year!  How sweet!
 The girls opening more presents!

 The girls love their new zebra hats from Justice!  They have worn them 24/7 since they got them!

Merry Christmas and a VERY happy New Year!

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