Thursday, December 8, 2011


It snowed all day yesterday.  You know the big fluffy wet snowflakes that stick to everything.  Even though it is VERY COLD I love how beautiful the snow looks on the trees and the houses.  It looks like a Christmas wonderland outside!  I just hope it snows for Christmas!  My girls and the neighbor girl played outside and make a "ladybug" snowman.

 Kylee with her GIANT snowball!
Kylee was a baby when we moved from WV to TX.  When we moved back to WV she was almost 6 years old.  So, this is her second winter playing in the snow.  She insists on making a snow angel face down  instead of on her back.  Even though we tell her how to do it the stubborn little girl continues to do it her way!!!

All three girls trying to lift the middle part of the snowman up on the bottom part.  The snow was so wet and heavy they could not lift it.  My husband had to go help them.  Then of course like any "big" kid would do had to start a snowball fight!
The girls have a 2 hour delay today.  I was wishing they would call off school.  I thought we could bake cookies, make crafts, and play in the snow together.  Oh well!!  We are in WV so I am sure we will have plenty of snow days!!


  1. Wow! We only got rain down our way...we were doing the snow dance! Loving your blog!!

  2. We got a few inches of snow! The girls had a 2 hour delay the next day. I am glad u like my blog!