Saturday, December 3, 2011


I decided to make the girls a rice heating snowman to keep them warm on these VERY COLD winter nights.  I am bad at not taking any pictures!  I get so caught up with what I am doing that I forget!  I will be making another one so I will try to remember to take step by step pictures.

I started with some flanel material that I had on hand.  I used a black marker to draw the shape of the snowman that I wanted.  I placed the marker side facing out then used my sewing machine I sewed them together.  When I was done sewing I turned the snowman inside out.  I cut out the eyes, scarf, and patches with felt and used stictch witchery to apply them.  All I need to do is fill the snowman up with rice and sew the tiny hole I left at the bottom.
My girls are so EXCITED they can't wait to use their rice snowman!

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