Tuesday, December 6, 2011


These little hand warmers are so cute and easy to make!  They would make GREAT homemade Christmas gifts!

First, I used a container to trace the circles out of fleece material (or felt).  You can use any size container that you want.  I made these small for my kids and will use a larger container for adult size.

Next, cut out the circles.

Place the circles with the ink facing to the inside.  Then simply sew them using a machine or you can hand sew them.
This is how they look once they have been sewn.
I cut out shapes that I wanted to decorate the hand warmer with.  I put pieces of stitch witchery on the back and ironed them onto the hand warmer.  I used red fabric paint to apply the stripes on the candy cane.

I will use a funnel and fill them with rice.  Don't fill them to full you want them to be squishy.  I will sew the hole shut.  ONLY put a set of 2 in the microwave for 20 seconds!  Your little one can hold the warmer to keep fingers warm or put the warmers inside their pocket to keep hands warm on these cold winter days!

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